Angels of Hope

Free medical clinics for orphaned children in Uganda


Our mission at Angels of Hope, Inc. has always been to provide the best possible medical, psychological, and social care to as many of the millions of orphans in Uganda as is possible. Our clinics are staffed by nurses with excellent skills and experience who work, not just to care for the immediate needs of the patient, but to understand their psychological needs, keep watch for signs of physical abuse/ and or long term illnesses and to keep accurate files on each patient.

All of our records are set up in a modified US format, with past physical history, hereditary illnesses we should be aware of, and photos of each patient, which enables us to keep track of their development and maintain an up to date history of their immunization requirements.

For the past two years, our mission has expanded to include treatment of the needy elderly in these communities as well. Many are grandparents who are responsible for their grandchildren and others are simply alone in mud huts, suffering the diseases of old age.

Both children and the elderly are any countries most vulnerable populations, and both have needs that we do our best to provide. These needs may not always present themselves as a physical illness but loneliness, depression and the need to talk to someone can be as important as any medicine could ever do.

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