Angels of Hope

Free medical clinics for orphaned children in Uganda


Angels of Hope, Inc. was created by Fay DeAvignon of Natick, MA. in March of 2002 as a thank you for the many friendships she had developed in Uganda. Each of these friends had brought a special gift to her life and, in turn, she chose to give her gift of love to the orphans and children of this impoverished country.

Initially, it began as a simple clothing drive and quickly expanded to the collection of desperately needed vitamins to supplement what little these children ever have to eat.

Given the HIV/AIDS pandemic, many families have lost both parents, and, if there are no other relatives who can take these children in, the oldest child is left to become head of household. Children as young as 8 are often forced to take full responsibility for the lives of their siblings, in some cases turning to prostitution to keep the broken family together.

With help from local medical professionals, businesses and friends, the mission had expanded by early summer of ’02 to include enough medical supplies and equipment to enable her to open the first Angels of Hope clinic in the village of Namugongo, just outside Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Since that time, three other clinics have been established in various villages throughout the country.

Some clinics are in partnership with other organizations and others are independently run. Each month, approximately 400-500 patients are cared for by qualified nurses who are hired from around the specific clinic locations, and an overseeing doctor is available whenever the need arises. Each of the clinics are supervised by Program Manager Esther Kimani, who insures that each clinic has whatever it needs to keep each facility running smoothly.

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